Apply to Katsu

Katsucon is an all volunteer organization that’s run by folks like you! If you’d like to participate, check out some of our opportunities. We currently have openings in Katsucon’s Programming Division for the following positions:

  • Assistant Department Head- Stage Management
  • Treasury Staff

If your interested in applying or would like to inquire about further details, click here to fill out the survey. Send questions regarding application to .

1. Division: Programming 
Team: Stage Management Position: Assistant Department Head
Job Duties (include but not limited to the following):

Assistant Department Head

  1. Will work with the Department Head to plan, organize and communicate throughout the year with other departments to determine logistical, technical and planning needs for their events (before the convention)
  2. Will work with the Department Head and other departments to determine floor layouts for various events in the Main Events Room.
  3. Will be responsible for the recruiting, training and ongoing development of all members of the team.
  4. Work with the Department Head to identify areas of opportunity for additional skill building and training, as well as partner with team members to identify other learning opportunities
  5. Be available to assist “Entrance Ambassador” with resolving admittance concerns when requested (this includes verification of badges, seating or other arrangements)
  6. An assistant department or department head will be on the floor at all times during event seating times to direct the floor team.
  7. Be available to the Backstage Coordinator to assist with any technical, scheduling, event start or traffic management concerns when requested.
  8. Be available to the Green Room Coordinator to assist with locating talent/performers who are late to the event (by contacting the appropriate department/liaison responsible for managing them). Also be available to act as a liaison to the hotel staff, Logistics or Tech Ops for items needed in the Green Rooms and acquire them.
  9. Responsible for working with the Department Head to create team shift schedules and determine event coverage needs.
  10. Responsible for handling team shift schedules which includes making sure that team members arrive and end shifts on time, leave and return from breaks and lunches on time and complete assigned duties.
  11. Will supervise floor strikes and transitions, time the length of time that each takes, note any concerns or problems, compare time results and info with floor team members data and report this information the Stage Management Department Head (via email or text).
  12. May be required to do occasional lifting or moving of equipment or objects (less that 50 lbs.)
  13. Other duties as assigned


  • must have prior leadership, customer service and training experience
  • must be able to attend individual and team meetings through out the year via phone, Skype and convention “all hands” meetings such as the “Crash Meeting” and “Dead Dog Meeting”.
  • must be able to attend Katsucon convention on all required days of the convention
  • must be able to communicate with team members, department head, Division Head and convention leadership on a consistent, ongoing basis. (including being reachable by phone, email, text or online especially in emergencies throughout the year. This includes before and after the Katsucon convention.)
  • must be willing to follow all Katsucon business and Human Resources policies including business ethics, harassment, intellectual property, confidentiality, legal and communications guidelines.

2. Treasury Staff

Do you like money? Sure we all do, how about helping us with our money? When you join Treasury Staff you will work with us on the following duties.This position involves approximately 28 hours of work starting Thursday Evening through Sunday Afternoon at the convention.

Description of Duties:

  • Perform Cashbox Runs
  • Answer Phone in a Professional Manner
  • Reconcile Money Counts and Secure Money Properly
  • Assist in Bank Runs

Required Skills:

  • Counting


  • Bookkeeping/CPA
  • Bank Experience
  • Security Experience
  • Audit Experience

3. Three Social Media Assistants

  • ​Must be comfortable with social media platforms including facebook, twitter, google+, youtube, and tumblr.
  • Availability to post and monitor on social media sites for 10-15 hours over a 5 day period weekly
  • Ability to provide reports and statistics to supervisor and leadership
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office tools
  • Will be required to learn some Katsucon policies
  • Will be monitoring and responding to comments on Katsucon’s official social media outlets. Will report to supervisor with inquires.
  • Must be available during Katsucon event.

4. Video/Photography ad producer

  • Experience in video and photo mediums in the cosplay, anime, convention field
  • Experience in audio visual production
  • Experience in Graphic design & image editing
  • *must submit portfolio
  • Will be responisble for creating promotional *****
  • Must be available/flexible throughout the year for additional projects.
  • Will be responsible for advertisement production

5. Sponsor Liaison

  • Must have good communication and social skills
  • Experience in customer service preferred
  • Require little to no supervision
  • Must be willing to learn about the sponsor and their business
  • Will be responsible for making sure everything has been taking care of within specifications of the agreement with sponsors. Will be working directly with sponsorship representative at convention.
  • Must be available for Thursday-Sunday of Katsucon.